‘Leo la Superstar’: Children’s Artwork

On Saturday 17th December 2022,  I held a ‘Children’s English Workshop’ at the Libreria del Mare bookshop in Palermo. I met some amazing 8, 9 and 10 year old pupils (IV elementare) from the I.C. Mattarella school in Bonagia, Palermo and their wonderful teachers. We had lots of fun reading, playing games, and acting out scenes from Leo la Superstar…in English.

At the end of the event I challenged all of the children to draw their favourite illustrations from my book and I promised that I would publish ALL of their pictures on my website.

And so…please put your hands together and applaud the fantastic drawings carried out by the children of I.C. Mattarella School!

I honestly cannot decide which picture I like the best…as they are all so amazing! But I can tell you that, right now, Roberto Vetrano (the creator of the original illustrations in Leo la Superstar) is feeling very very worried about the possiblity of one of the children taking his job away from him!  🙂

Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Lorraine D. Cork