Lorraine D. Cork

 WINNER of the Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023


Lorraine D. Cork

 FINALIST at the 8th Concorso Internazionale di Poesia e Narrativa, Cefalù, Italy




Leo la Superstar! is a brilliant bilingual book that combines many educational elements with the accessibility and fun of a children’s story. Its carefully crafted format makes it suitable for such a wide range of ages, while also ensuring that learning never feels like work! 

 – Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize




Dive into the festive spirit with Bubble and Twiga must-read children’s story! The words and phrases merrily dance from English into Italian, sparking joy and curiosity in little language lovers.

– Marco Faldetta, Director, International House, Palermo


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“Writing and theatre are two of my greatest passions in life.”

Lorraine D. Cork

Lorraine D. Cork

is a British AWARD-WINNING author who writes stories, plays and poems for children in English and Italian.

She is extremely passionate about the world of theatre, particularly musical theatre, Broadway-style tap dancing and slapstick comedy.

Indeed, her fascination with the stage has inspired her to write three bilingual books in English and Italian: Bubble and Twig, Leo la Superstar! and Recitiamo in Inglese!

Today Lorraine lives in Italy (with her husband, daughter and three dogs) where she writes her stories and teaches English.

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As a child, I wanted to be an actor, a writer, a dancer, a teacher and an archaeologist. Now, I’m a writer and a teacher…so I suppose two out of five is not bad!

I first started writing when I was at primary school. I used to write magazines for my friends (whether they liked it or not) and my father had the rather tedious job of photocopying multiple copies at work (whether he liked it or not).  Apart from that, when my friends would come round to play, we would put on shows and I used to write the scripts for each production.

I don’t really know… they just come into my head. Although sometimes my ideas wake me up in the middle of the night and I have to jump out of bed and write them down straightaway, before I forget!

Never give up!  It doesn’t matter how long you try and how old you get.  If you believe you can do something… one day you WILL succeed.

My favourite subject was history. And I still love it today… especially ancient history.

My favourite drink is definitely a nice cup of tea (well come on… I am English!)

Yes. I’ve got three dogs: Lucy, Rocky and Luna.

My favourite book of all time is THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE by C. S. Lewis. Incidentally, my dog ‘Lucy’ is named after the child ‘Lucy’, my favourite character in the book.

I’m really good at tap dancing. In fact, I can do a tap-dancing TIME STEP really fast while sitting down on a chair!

Creative, funny and serious.


Leo la Superstar! by Lorraine D. Cork

The publishing house ‘Albatros’ interviews Lorraine D. Cork about her AWARD-WINNING book!